Joe Eccles

Abstract Artist - Acrylic Painter
Abstract Painting - Joe Eccles - 'I don't know where the rest go'
Mixed media, Painting

I am an abstract artist and I love to use a variety of media in my art. I predominantly work on large canvases and utilise acrylics, spray paint, inks, oil pastels, and sometimes collage to add depth and build up layers in my paintings. I often experiment with different textures by adding materials such as coffee grounds to my paints.

I paint from emotion and intuition and play with the balance between free-form and structure, rationality and creativity and light and dark. My work often symbolises the ups and downs of life and sometimes my paintings will bridge the gap from uncertainty and despair to hope and serenity.

When I create a new abstract piece, I believe it is important for me not to try and hold on to the vision that I have for a painting too tightly. I have a rough idea of the type of painting I want to create but as an emotive painter I like to let the painting develop in front of me and go along with that.

I’m inspired by journeys of self-discovery and human psychological progress and each of my paintings tell a different story. The journey of taking a blank canvas to a finished painting is one of hope and solidarity. I find it exciting to bring something completely new into existence and I believe that art can bring happiness into people’s lives.

I enjoy the painting process and like that the whole picture can change many times over, nothing is sacred and nothing is untouchable. I think one requirement of being a good abstract artist is not being afraid to paint over hours of work in order to take a different approach. One layer of a painting can be almost completely painted over, yet it is still there below the surface and it helped it to become the painting that it is.

The mission of my work is to inspire people in some way; to inspire them to think deeper, dream bigger or hope more bravely than they could before they interacted with my art. My work is abstract and I like to leave the viewer to see what they will in my work, my vision is that everyone can take something unique from my paintings.

I’m looking forward to giving you a warm welcome to my studio and letting you explore my paintings up close and personal. Canvases of varying sizes will be available for purchase, along with other items such as merchandise with my art designs. There will be something for everyone so please come and take a look or just stop by for a chat about art. I will be painting intermittently through the period so there will be some works-in-progress to see and you can learn more about my art process and what inspires me to create.

Venue address
42 Greenfield Avenue
B60 1HE
My studio is attached to my house and has a separate entrance to the left-hand side. There is ample street parking available. Turn onto Greenfield Avenue from Lickey Rock and follow the road up to the right and my house/studio is at the top of the road.
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