Vicky Kitchen

Fused glass artist
Rainbow arc

I'm fortunate enough to have a dedicated space to do my glasswork, in fact I have two, one for fused glass and one for stained glass. Both types of work will be on display, along with all the tools and other equipment used to create my glass artwork. I can show you the kilns that are the mainstay of any fused glass work, they are true workhorses! I have converted a pair of old stables into a gallery to help keep my art all in one place and there are numerous pieces dotted about the garden as well.
If you are interested in learning about these different types of glasswork, I do run various workshops throughout the year where you can come and have a go yourself at creating your own masterpiece - people are often amazed at what they have achieved for themselves in a few hours. The greatest compliment I get is the knowledge that their piece is destined for the downstairs loo - well it is a compliment, that room is probably the most used in any household.........
The thing I love most about glass is the colour, put it in sunlight and it literally glows with happiness, put a candle behind the same piece in the evening and it gives a comforting feel to the room. However don't just take my word for it, come along and have a look for yourself.

Venue address
Alcester Road
Flyford Flavell
We are on the main A422 with three pink pots at the entrance. Come up the drive, thru the second pair of gates and the gallery is the purple pair of stables in front of you.
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Opening dates and times

10am - 4.30pm1pm - 4.30pm10am - 4.30pm