Sharon Ling (Ling&Hansen)

Fused glass artist
Fused glass ‘coral’ bowl

I have been Working with glass for over 6 years creating jewellery, pictures, bowls etc and I am still fascinated by the endless possibilities. I love the many interesting textures, techniques and processes. As well as being a very creative medium glass also has many technical elements and chemistry involved. Kiln temperatures can be varied to obtain different effects with the glass and also by using chemicals and metals as inclusions to creative patterns, reactions and textures, I am continually learning and evolving as a glass artist. The colours are vibrant, bold and beautiful, combining both opaque and transparent glass can give wonderful effects especially when the sun shines through. I cut the glass by hand and then place in a kiln at high temperature to fuse the individual pieces together. These pieces can then be returned to the kiln to create bowls etc using specialist glass moulds. I also run workshops to share my love of this unique and beautiful craft, it is so lovely to see others getting enjoyment as I do from working with the wonderful medium of glass.
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Facebook: Ling&Hansen
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Caldewell House
Pershore Road
Caldewell House is signposted opposite the B4084 Egdon Lane turning to Droitwich. What three words///films.recap.unions. Drive past the lodge up to the main house and park on the drive.
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10.30am - 5pm10.30am - 5pm