Richard Webb

Artist and Designer
Malvern Hills study by Richard Webb
Collage, Illustration, Mixed media

I studied art and graphic design at the Cheshire School of Art and graduated in 1986. Since then I have worked for over 35 years within the advertising sector and creative industries, initially as a designer, then progressing to art director and creative director.

Illustration had aways been a passion of mine and an area I wanted to develop commercially. So, after a period of developing my hand cut style, I launched Hand Cut Originals in 2014.

Based in St. John’s, Worcester, I mainly divide my time between my art and working as a freelance designer. I sell my art via arts markets around the local area, Midlands and the Cotswolds, but also some selected retail outlets, the occasional exhibition and private commissions too. I have also demonstrated my craft to arts groups and I offer Hand cut workshops from my studio.

I also have an association with local arts charity ‘Severn Arts’ with whom I have worked on a variety of different projects including the curatation of a number of exhibitions.

My hand cut style is infused with many influences, including lino and wood cut and retrospective styles like Art Deco for example. I think my my experience in design and branding has gone some way to influence the bold simplicity which is indicative of my style.

Although hand cut paper and card is intrinsic to my method, I guess my style also bridges collage and mixed media too. As my style continues to evolve I like to explore the use of different materials and textures like sheet copper for example which I flame paint and burnish.

Inspiration for my work typically comes from nature and fauna with a particular affection for my local Worcestershire and Herefordshire countryside. As my style has evolved I have also explored other subject matter like popular and music culture.

Each design starts with a sketch which forms the basis for a template, which in turn creates a guide to cut from. Every picture is cut out completely by hand with my ‘trusty’ scalpel which makes every picture completely unique and original!

The process involves cutting each layer from a separate piece of coloured paper, card or other material. Typically, the black layer creates the outline or framework to the composition, this is then combined with the other layers using adhesive. I often refer to the construction of a stained glass window as a comparative way of how my art is created.

I’m really looking forward to opening my studio in August and offering a very warm welcome to everyone who comes to visit. The kettle will be on!

Venue address
Worboys Road
We are about 0.5 miles from the centre of St. John’s and situated between Malvern Road and Swinton Lane on Worboys Road. Parking is available to the front and on the road..
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10.30am - 4.30pm10.30am - 4.30pm10.30am - 4.30pm