Marion Steele

Textiles, Mixed Media
Malvern Hills
Mixed media, Textiles & Needlework

From an early age my parents encouraged me to be creative – knitting, sewing, painting, drawing or ‘just making’ which has developed throughout my life. Today I use textiles, mixed media etc. to show my love of the natural world. I take photographs, sketch and paint, nature, landscapes, seascapes and use these to develop pieces – representational or abstracted. I see colour my way and nature has a wonderful way of mixing/clashing colours in a harmonious way.
As an early years teacher, I once asked a group of children to count how many ‘greens’ they could see – most answered 4/5. I said I counted at least 15 shades. It’s all about looking!!!
My work involves using pre-loved and recycled materials that take on new dimensions from their original use.
Please get in touch if you'd like to see my work, are interested in what I do or enquire about commissions.

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2A Beckett Close
Beckett Close
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