Layla Khani (aka Laylart Studio)

Printmaker - Painter
Reduction Linocut Print
Painting, Printmaking

I take my inspiration from the landscape around malvern hills where my studio is located. My work is an emotional response to the places I visit, people I meet and stories/ poems I read. In each print, the story within the frame happens in multiple locations and throughout separate times or even simultaneously, but they are all parts of one big picture, yet still the order in which the viewer looks at the events or reads its visual story always varies with each person and could be rearranged every time without losing its initial visual impact.

I graduated from the University of Worcester with BA in Art and Design and later on I got my MA from the Birmingham City University (BIAD) in Visual Communications. Throughout my years at university I developed a keen interest in printmaking and in the past few years, it has become the main outlet for my creativity.

My work is available via my websites ( and a few galleries in the UK.
Contact me to see my work or enquire about my paintings and linocut prints.

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Laylart Studio
House of Fires
134- 136 Newtown Road
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