Karen Stone

Fine Artist
Study of Pears and Turquoise
Drawing, Mixed media, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Printmaking, Textiles & Needlework

I always find it incredibly difficult to keep my mind focused when things interest me from so many different angles. Sometimes ideas are complex, centred around deep emotions, and also they can be light and centred around simply creating something beautiful. Sometimes it is the material rather than the subject that draws me in - oil painting is incredibly addictive. I think a piece of art should be more than simply a visual representation.
Generally my drawing and painting attempts to capture the personality of the subject; that subject can be anything from figures to coastal beaches, very simple still life objects or the embroidery stitches of my great grandmother. The important aspect is that the subject forms a relationship with myself, as an artist, in some shape or form.
My process begins with lots of detailed observational sketches so that by the time I reach the final work, or series of work, the subject and I have an in-depth understanding. I often return to the same subject matter, depicting it in different ways and using different materials. Sometimes my works are created around a series of events or a particular moment in time that is personal to me. Sometimes a viewer may see a narrative of their own in my works. I have a passion for both contemporary art and art history so astute visitors may spot some of my influences.
My studio is in my house and I have a small gallery space where I hold exhibitions so visitors will have the opportunity to see finished pieces alongside working processes. I am happy to show techniques and answer questions.

Venue address
16 York Place
York Place is a No Through Road off Albany Terrace on the north side of Britannia Square, close to the race course. 3 hour parking spaces on Albany Terrace and around the Square. Parking permits available at the venue for York Place.

Opening dates and times

11am - 5pm12midday - 3pm11am - 5pm