Jane Powell

Painting by Jane Powell of the View from Stanton
Mixed media, Painting

I believe that art should be accessible to everyone, so I strive to make my pieces both affordable and captivating. My paintings will bring the tranquillity and charm of nature to your living space, providing a calming respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Every painting is a reflection of my passion for capturing the essence of the world around us. Through my use of oils and acrylics, I strive to capture the light, textures and feelings that I experience when painting en plein air. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and mediums to push my boundaries as an artist, and through my work, I hope to convey the beauty and emotion that I feel when I'm surrounded by nature.
Visitors will be able to see me working on a new collection of paintings in oil and cold wax medium. I will have works in progress and sketchbooks on display for you to look through.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you through my art, and I invite you to take a closer look at my portfolio. Whether you're interested in an original piece, a print or a set of cards, I hope that my artworks will bring you as much joy as they bring me.

Venue address
Swiss Cottage
Canada Bank
Nr Pershore
WR10 3lb
Drive through Charlton with the green on your right. We are situated halfway up the hill on Canada Bank on the right, opposite a pink house called The Old Chapel. There are parking spaces on the drive and access is through the wooden gates.

Opening dates and times

11am - 5pm11am - 4.30pm11am - 5pm