Jacqueline Cunliffe

"The Wine Dark Sea"

Having begun some years ago painting traditional watercolour landscapes, I am now exploring acrylics and oils, inks and powders sometimes too. My main interest is in trying to simplify the subject matter to convey by design and colour the mood and atmosphere of a particular place and moment. My studio is in the garden with a view of Bredon Hill, so the sky and light at various times of day and in different seasons are a regular inspiration. I also love the vibrancy of colour that I find on my occasional travels to Vietnam and Thailand and around the coasts of Europe.
The studio is my place for meditation and contemplation as well as my work space, so there are books and colour experiments, and unfinished paintings as well as all the various materials and clutter of a studio. I will have acrylic paints and paper available if anyone would like a brief play-with-paint, and I'll be happy to show aspects of how I go about creating ("Demonstration" is too formal a description for my current practice which is mainly experimental)
When you arrive, park on the drive - there is space for several cars - then follow the path down the side of the house around the lawn and through the arbour to the wooden studio on the left hand side of the garden. There is a small step up to the deck and a lip through the sliding patio door - the access along the path from the drive is level.

Venue address
Field House
Hinton on the Green
WR11 2QT
From the Evesham-Cheltenham road, take the turning to Elmley Castle. Do NOT take the left fork towards Hinton village, but continue on, keeping the John Deere building on your left; Field House is the next house on the left..
07970 177904
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