Phil Ironside

8ft x 4ft painting performed live at The Cube in Malvern

I am fascinated by the constant interactions we make with our external and internal landscapes. How we are affected by our environment and how we affect it. The changes we perceive consciously are a fraction of the information we act on. Everything we see, hear, smell, touch and perceive affects us. The way that our expression reflects us and what we learn from what is reflected back at us as artists and what others perceive and learn from it, are both equally valid. To express, in whichever form that takes is a fundamental tool in our development and the development of our world and planet.

I produce a painting every day. These are all size A4 on paper. They are snapshots in time. I empty my mind of preconceived ideas and just paint, one mark followed by the next. Often the results are more pictorial than if I had painted the scene in front of me. What pictures and others see in them is wide and varied. The process is something that anyone can do, just do it.

For the Open Studios 2022 I will be producing A Painting A Day as normal, in addition I will be painting for visitors to the studio. Explaining the techniques and processes as I go. The atmosphere is vastly changed when there are others in the studio, just being there affects the outcome of the painting.

I will also be encouraging visitors to have a go, it is great fun, all is needed is the first mark on a piece paper.

I also do larger performance pieces for LIVE ART events in front of an audience, explaining what I am doing and my reasoning behind the process as I go.

If you would like to visit outside the opening hours stated, please call me on 01684 561495 to arrange a time.

Venue address
Phil Ironside Studio
136a Worcester Road
WR14 1SS
My studio is 150 yards from the junction of Pickersleigh Avenue and Worcester Road travelling south west up Worcester Road in Malvern Link. There is a free car park in Victoria Park which is situated on Peckersleigh Avenue.

Opening dates and times