Adrian Scholefield

Contemporary Abstracts Painter
‘A Day on the Moor’ by A. Scholefield
Mixed media, Painting

My landscape paintings do not seek to depict a representation of 'a' physical place but seek to aggregate abstracted emotional responses from places visited. Often sketches from memory form the basis for development of a painting, sometimes 'plein-air' sketches will form the basis.

The abstract expressionist paintings often aren't planned but instead rely on a process of exploration and development as the mark-making process reveals new interpretations, suggesting new direction guided by an emotional response. Occasionally, a 'generative' concept or, a precedent study will guide the creative process.

The sketches and studies are an opportunity to explore without pressure or preciousness.

This style of painting often utilises a process that explores random expressive mark making on a blank canvass, inviting interpretation, generating creative judgements and iteratively manipulating, expressing responses until the ‘dance’ is done.

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