Identity at Southwell Workhouse

Southwell Workhouse and Infirmary
Monday, 1 May, 2023 to Tuesday, 31 October, 2023
Wed to Sun 10.30-16.00
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An exhibition by members of the Midlands Textile Forum for Southwell Workhouse & Infirmary
Identity is complex, it has different meanings in different contexts. Identity can refer to a unique set of characteristics that can be used to identify an individual or it can refer to groups where common characteristics, appearance or role-behaviour create a group identity. Continuity (what remains the same) and contrast (difference in comparison to others) are important features in defining Identity.

The Exhibition
This exhibition has taken the theme of identity as inspiration to explore The Workhouse’s history, human stories and legacy. Using both research and the presence and impact of the building, the Forum has journeyed into the past to connect with the lives and identities of those who lived and worked here.

The Midlands Textile Forum
Midlands Textile Forum is a group of textile artists committed to sharing our love of textile art through exhibiting. Some members have worked professionally in the creative arts for many years and some have started their textile journey later in life. The group uses diverse textile mediums including traditional techniques used in a contemporary way.