Evolve at the Weavers Gallery, Ledbury

Weavers Gallery, Ledbury
Monday, 17 October, 2022 to Saturday, 22 October, 2022
2-5 Monday, 10-5 Tues to Sat

Midlands Textile Forum exhibition - Evolve - will be at the Weavers Gallery, Ledbury.

“Develop gradually by a natural process; work out or devise; unfold, open out...” (OED)
“Develop, advance, grow, progress, maturation, production, formation...” (Roget)

Our theme responds both to current concerns about the environment, climate change, impact of humankind on the world, and for how we develop our own creative practice. Members work can encompass a number of themes within the title, from inspirational starting points to use of specific processes and production. The scope is broad and we all have individual creative journeys to take within the theme of Evolve

Submitted by
Jane Arthur